Tinies Group (Under 2s)

Tinies ...coming September 2018 (0-2years)

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The baby room will provide ample space to crawl and explore in a safe and secure environment. Our paramount aim is to ensure that this is a nurturing and homely environment in which your child's daily routine is followed as closely as possible. We will devise this with your continuing input, as your child grows and develops.
Activities and experiences offered in this age group are based on the EYFS, a framework to support children in their earliest years. These encompass personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, as well as physical development.
Young children learn through bringing all their senses to bear on their surroundings. The Tinies room will be equipped accordingly, with areas set up to accommodate children at the varying stages of locomotion and exploration. On a 1:3 ratio (max 9 children), children will experience an environment that is designed to be flexible to their individual needs.
Activities, either 1:1 or in groups of two or three, children will encounter music, songs and rhyme, tactile play, quiet enjoyment of books and stories with an adult, construction and small world play. We firmly believe in children experiencing the outdoors from a young age and this will form part of children's everyday activities; enjoying the space of both the self-contained Tinies group garden, as well as the larger spaces of the wider school fields. We see these as essential opportunities for children to develop their gross motor skills. Trips into the local environment (for walking and pre-walking children) will also be important parts of the Tinies group experience.

Sleep Time

We will have cots and bean bags in a designated quiet area of the room. Sleep time will be determined by the routine you use at home. Please note, we do not cross-use bedding and this is kept as clean as you would at home.

Nappies and Toilet Training

We ask you to provide everything that you use at home for nappy changing and when the time comes we will help you with toilet training. We do ask that you begin this process over a period of 3 or 4 days when your child is at home with you.

Food and Drink

Tinies Group (Under 2s)

Play in Tinies Group

From babe in arms and onwards, your child is encouraged to explore and interact with the world around them. We know that all-round development comes from high quality experiences that address their needs at every stage, delivered in a highly supportive environment.