Your child's safety is of paramount importance. We adhere to all aspects of good practice in Health and Safety, though we are mindful that children must within limits, be allowed to test their capabilities.

We operate a very secure system of child collection, and ask that wherever possible you introduce us to all adults with permission to collect your child from nursery. When this is not possible, or in the event of the need for an adult not known to us to collect your child, we ask for a password to authorise this. This is agreed at initial booking and is kept confidential between yourself, the nursery staff and adults with your authority to collect.
For the protection of your child, staff are forbidden to use mobile phones in any area where there are children (use is restricted to "staff only" areas). Nursery cameras only are used to take photographs. Our booking form gives parents the opportunity to say how or whether we use photographs of your child.
All aspects of safeguarding and Child Protection are of paramount importance. The pictures and names of Safeguarding Officers are displayed on the nursery door.

At Tiny Beginnings we have written policies available on all aspects of nursery life. We are happy to provide you with any of these upon request. Please ask us for a copy of our behaviour policy. This gives you an insight into why we do as we do with regards to behaviour management.
We are legally obliged to to adhere to Herefordshire Local Safeguarding Board's Threshold of Needs. This means that there are set procedures we need to follow in the event that we have concerns in relation to the safety and wellbeing of children attending our setting. Please take time to consider the information on the link and be assured that all staff at Tiny Beginnings are trained in Child Protection.