In all age groups, activities are devised to promote children's physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. The children enjoy a variety of activities appropriate to their stage of development. An on-going focus on seasonal change, festivals from a range of cultures, and, importantly, the emerging interests of the child all form the basis of our curriculum, all underpinned by EYFS.

The garden and extended grounds of Whitchurch Primary School are areas where children can experience the curriculum outdoors. Children experience the delights of growing their own vegetables for use at snack time, hunting for mini beasts, making dens to enhance role play, even making music in the outdoors. We also have a range of climbing and ride on equipment, and a host of other equipment used to promote children's need to explore their environment. Nursery children also take part in Forest Schools activities, by using the school's own forest site, a short walk away.

Our fully qualified leaders, with experienced assistants, provide a caring and happy environment in which your child can develop and learn through their play.

The nursery works closely to both the statutory and advisory elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This involves both planned and child-initiated activity. All planned activities are fun and exciting, ensuring that children enjoy their time at nursery. Most importantly, while children are having fun they are also learning, becoming more confident and independent through their play.
Through the activities presented, we strive to nurture children, who are resilient, thrive on problem-solving through their play and who are motivated by their achievements. Alongside this, we foster children's awareness of the needs of others and how they impact on this, setting them on the path to becoming responsible, empathetic individuals.
Activity areas, both indoors and out include tactile, messy play, creative craft activities and areas for imaginative small world and role play. A range of opportunities for construction on a small and large scale, are always available to children. Importantly, we also have a cosy area, where children can enjoy a wide range of good quality books and puzzles.

We use the full resources of the nursery and our surroundings to enable the children to learn about the world around them, and to promote the physical skills that are vital for children's all-round development.

Transition to School

The information gathered and described above, contributes to an overall transition record. As a Local Authority provider for 3 and 4 year olds, this record allows us, with your consent, to pass on news of your child's progress to the school of your choice. This means that your child's Reception teacher has a clear insight into next steps for each child. To further support this transition, we do a great deal of joint -working with school during the course of the year, including Music sessions (led by Bridget, our own music specialist!), joint play sessions where Reception children come and read or play with Nursery children, and those who have recently moved from Nursery to school visit us with tales and artefacts/ pictures from their new class, engendering excitement and curiosity in those who are next to move.
We work with the Reception teacher to ensure that phonic awareness and number concepts are introduced appropriately in nursery, using equipment and activities that dovetail into the Reception curriculum. We know that this greatly enhances the transition process.