Opening times

Our opening hours are 8am to 5.30pm. Please note that the Nursery opening times apply from Monday to Friday all year round except for Bank Holidays and a few days over the Christmas period (see our Terms and Conditions).

**For details of our core session times, early and late sessions, and Nursery Education funded (NEF) sessions, please see the additional attached sheet.


Nursery 'Early' (8.00 - 8.45) £4.55
Nursery AM (8.45 - 1.00) £19.30
Nursery NEF (8.45 - 1.45) FREE
Nursery PM (1.00 - 5.15) £19.30
Nursery post NEF (1.45 - 5.15) £18.10
Hourly rate (pre or post am/pm/NEF) up to 2 hours £5.35
Nursery 'Late' (5.15 - 5.30) £3.55


TINIES EARLY (8.00 - 8.45) £4.70
TINIES AM (8.45 - 1.00) £26.10
TINIES HOURLY (up to 2 hrs pre or post session) £7.30
TINIES PM (POST AM) (1.00 - 5.30) £19.90
TINIES PM ONLY (1.00 - 5.30) £24.95

Please note: Children remain on 'Baby Group' charges until the age of 3 as a 1:4 ratio applies irrespective of which room they are in.

Funded Sessions

Fully L.A. Funded sessions in batches of 5 hours, up to a maximum of 30 hours* per week. *contact us for further information.

Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate (following a fully paid or funded session, not as a stand alone): See individual group charges (maximum 2 hours)

Holiday care

Holiday care: Half terms and holidays up to the age of 11 years (LINK TO HOLIDAY CLUB PAGE)